Variazioni Mumacs
Public Eyesore PE126 (2013)
Massimo Falascone with
Bob Marsh | Eugène and Lidia Darredeau | Alberto Braida | Giancarlo Locatelli | John Hughes | Emanuele Segre | Leonardo Falascone | Marcello Magliocchi | Filippo Monico and Fabrizio Spera | Musimprop | Giovanni Falascone and Valentina Steffenoni | Anna Coffetti

Crumpled Partials
Green Tape (2013)
Bryan Day - invented instruments
Bob Marsh - cello, electric guitar, contra bass, electric bass

Three Legs Duck (2012)
distance collaboration
Igor Emme Impronoise(Milan) - percussion
Bob Marsh(San Francisco Bay area), field recordings, sound alterations and mixing

It's About Time
Edgetone EDT 4109 (2008)
David Michalak - lap steel guitar
Bob Marsh - cello and voice
with Bill Noerteker - contrabass, Karen Stackpole percussion and Andre Custodio - hand drums.

Ohio Grimes
Edgetone EDT 4100 (2011)
John Bennett - words, voice and sounds
Ben Bennett - invented percussion devices
Jack Wright - saxophones
Bob Marsh - electric guitar
recorded at the Art Gallery of Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, July 2011

Emergency Rental
Edgetone (2008)
Rent Romus - alto and soprano saxophones
Adria Otte, Angela Hsu and Jonathon Segel - violins
Bob Marsh and Doug Carroll - cellos
Kanoko Nishi - bass koto
Tony Dryer - contrabass

Ikuisuus (2010)
distance collaboration
Renato Ciunfrini (Rome) - reeds, guitar, percussion
Bob Marsh (San Francisco Bay Area) - field recordings, voice, electronics
Non Troppo Lontano
Eh? (2009) Eh?47
Massimo Falascone, saxophones, samples, live electronics
Bob Marsh - violin, voice and electronics
recorded in Milano, Italy October 2008

Setola di Maiale (2009)
Adria Otte and Angela Hsu - violins
Bob Marsh and Doug Carroll - cellos
Tony Dryer - contrabass
recorded at the Meridian Gallery in San Francisco May 2009

Setola di Maiale (2008)
Responses by twelve European and American musician/composers to eight minutes of sonic material – voice, electronics, field recordings – sent out by Bob Marsh in 2007.
Public Eyesore PE109 (2007)
Bob Marsh - Solo/multitrack violin, cello, voice, electronics and field recordings.
Dark Times
Edgetone Records (2007)
Doctor Bob
David Michalick - lap steel guitar
Bob Marsh - cello and voice
Last Visible Dog Records (2006)
Two duets performed on two different occasions at the Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco
Duet One - Bob Marsh - cello / Theresa Wong - cello
Duet Two - Bob Marsh - cello / Bryan Eubanks - soprano sax
Che Guervarra Memorial Marching (and Stationary) Accordion Band
Public Eyesore PE85
Bob Marsh, Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Ron Heglin, David Slusser, John Finkbiener and Dan Cantrell - accordions
Birds in the Hand
Public Eyesore PE69
Jack Wright - saxophones and contralto clarinet
Bob Marsh - cello and voice.
Spring Garden Music
Jack Wright - saxophones
Bhob Rainey - soprano saxophone
Fred Lonberg-Holm - cello
Bob Marsh - cello.

The Darkest Corner, The Most Conspicuous
CIMP 208
Jack Wright and Bhob Rainey - saxophones
Fred Lonberg-Holm and Bob Marsh - cellos