A solo project in whole body head-to-toe improvisation.

Mr. Mercury
Donning Bolivian tin Achachi mask, Bob sometimes plays Silver Park, sometimes taps and sings.

Doctor Bob
Bob plays processed cello and vocalizes with partner David Michalick on processed lap steel guitar.

Yoyo Mama
Sandra Yolles (the Yoyo) plays electronic percussion while Bob vocalizes and plays electronics, violin and cello.

Cardew Choir
Bob was a co-founder of this group with Tom Bickley who leads the group.

Is a project in which twelve musician/composers from Europe and America responded to eight minutes of sounds electronics, voice, field recordings that Bob sent them in 2007.

This project involves playing to visual/graphic scores based on Bob's on-going alterations to the 1987 Michelin Road Atlas of France. Originally a project for quintet, future plans call for solo and duet and multiple responses.

Emergency String (X)tet
Begun in Chicago following the dissolution of Fred Lonberg-Holm's Phenominal String Quartet when the lack of improvised string quartet music reached emergency proportions. Personnel varies as well as number.

Free Reed Vibrating Society

Che Guevarra Memorial Marching (and Stationary) Accordion Band
An all accordion improv group whose members have included David Slusser, Ron Heglin, Rent Romus, Suki O kane, Michael Zelner, John Finkbeiner, Dan Cantrell, Ernesto Diaz-Infante and Bob Marsh.

Left Coast Improv Group
(Dis)organized by Jim Ryan, members include Ron Heglin, Doug Carroll, Jeff Hobbs, Tom Nunn, Michael Bassoon, Scott R. Looney, Karen Stackpole and Bob Marsh.

Mr. Mercury

The Doctor